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Program -- Community Supported (Shared) Agriculture

    Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA (called Community Shared Agriculture by Canadians) is a cooperative relationship between farmers and those who eat their food in which 'eaters' prepay for a share of the farmer's harvest that is subsequently delivered regularly throughout the growing season.

CSA members (also called 'share' holders) share the risk with the farmer(s) by providing economic resources farmers need BEFORE the food is harvested. And farmers share the rewards through equitable share value and access to harvested bounty. The relationship ensures economic viability for farmers and allows eaters to exercise choice about the quality of the food they pay for. Since "LESSON was created by CSA members who wanted to share with others what they had learned about the value of sustainable agriculture, organic growing practices and buying locally" (from Strategic Plan) at our heart is the belief that community supported agriculture in all its forms will preserve our communities, our health, and our environment. LESSON is working to expand the CSA relationship more broadly and to include restaurants and other organizations in sharing the risks of providing food that is healthy for our bodies and our environment with those who grow it.

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