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Project -- Networking Local Food Information

There are many good sources of information about local food on the Peninsula -- who has it, where to find it, and when it is available. Depending upon what you are looking for, these lists, maps, and searches are more than adequate. The information is, however, disparate and incomplete. LESSON is expanding and consolidating information about local food on the Peninsula. Who grows it, and how and where to get it.

One part of this project is providing local farmers with expanded web-presence. If the farmer/farmer has a website, it will be linked to If the farm/farmer does not have a web-site, we'll build a mini-web-page right here at

Another part of the project is expanding information about farmer's markets. Following the lead of some of the best Farmer's Markets on the Peninsula -- the Historic Lewes Farmer's Market and Rehoboth Beach Farmer's Market, LESSON is working to link all the farmers participating at any market on the Peninsula to the links for the markets they participate in.

One more part of this project is to stay current with restaurants and other retail suppliers of local food.

That's why this project is called 'Networking Local Food Information' -- ultimately users will be able to scroll over a map of Delmarva and icons will reveal farms, farmer's markets, restaurants featuring local food, and other sources of local food as well as listings of farms and the foods you can get at those locations.

This project is in early stages but we are filling in the holes as we go; if you know something we don't add it as a resource and we'll get it added to our lists as soon as possible. Thanks!

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