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Delaware Organic Food and Farming Association -- DOFFA

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture In Delaware DOFFA is dedicated to providing education and awareness of sustainable agriculture production to growers, consumers and retailers. This includes the promotion of ecologically responsible farming practices and marketing opportunities for farmers and growers, regardless of size, who are interested in the production of organically produced agricultural products. What does organic mean? What are the differences between organic,sustainable and naturaly produced agriculture? Is grass fed beef or free-range organic eggs healthier for me and my family? We will explore these and other commonly asked questions as well as other terms and catch phrases associated with organic agriculture. >Meet our farm members and learn more about who they are and how to purchase there products. >Explore our valuable links, to local, regional and national resources. >Learn more about organic agriculture through our question and answer page. >Become a member. >Experience our informative newsletter

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