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Homestead Farms

Homestead farms Inc (HFI) is an organic, community supported, first generation family farm in Millington, MD. Our passion is growing authentic, certified organic food and our commitment is to sustainable, organic farming, public outreach, and education. Each year we market our vegetables through a Community Supported Agriculture shareholder service throughout Maryland. These folks participate in the community by coming to our three annual events, bringing children, friends and family along to enjoy the farm activities. Each person who experiences the farm gains knowledge of what it takes to farm sustainably and organically, how their food is produced, and develops a relationship with the community of shareholders.

In addition to our CSA shares, we sell at Easton farmers' Market, and to a variety of restaurants in Washington D.C. All of our grain is direct marketed to organic feed mills in Pennsylvania for the express purpose of making certified organic dairy and poultry feed.


Homestead Farms, Inc.
2250 Millington Road
Millington, MD 21651
Phone: 410.490.7038

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