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Nice Farms Creamery


Robert Miller

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Nice Farms Creamery, LLC is located on the 201 acre Miller and Tanner Dairy Farm in American Corner, Maryland. This Creamery is owned and operated by Bob Miller. The dairy farm has been in operation in Caroline County since 1989 when Bob's parents, Robert R. Miller and Chase Tanner relocated their dairy cows from New Jersey. For 20 years, the herd has been pastured on 118 acres.

These cows, Holsteins and Holstein crosses, produce high quality, all natural milk for the Creamery's yogurt and Cream-line milk products produced on site. Browse our website to learn more about the Creamery's Products, Community Supported Agriculture on the Eastern Shore, benefits of milk from pastured cows, and more about one of the few remaining small, family operated dairies left on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Myth: Organic Milk you buy at grocery stores, while expensive, is better for you and your family. It is produced from cows that are intensively grazed on pastures where this grass adds natural goodness to the milk. This product is superior to conventional milk bought at stores and thus worthy of a premium price.

Fact: Organic Milk is not what you think it is-Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute estimated that as much as 30-40% of organic milk in stores today is "phony" organic milk produced by enormous feedlot dairies milking as many as 7000 cows!* These animals are not grazed which denies the opportunity for added nutritional benefits from the grass to get into the milk.

Tired of being MISLED by large "Organic" labels placed onto inferior products by large corporate dairy cooperatives? Why not support a local Maryland Family dairy where cows are REALLY grazed between milkings, not injected with performance enhancing hormones, and the product YOU and your family drinks is pasteurized and bottled right on the dairy farm.

Read more about the benefits of dairy products from grass-fed cows from - click to learn more!


Nice Farms Creamery
25786 Auctiion Road
Federalsburg, MD 21632

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