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Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Founded in 1992, PASA's consistent and driving vision has been to transform agriculture and food systems in Pennsylvania and beyond in a way that makes our farmers more viable, improves the land and restores the health and wellbeing of all our citizens. We are nonprofit in structure, but entrepreneurial in spirit, as we use our resources carefully to work collaboratively with others in achieving measurable results where we can, without compromising our values. For us, success is defined as the dual process of achieving our mission now while also building capacity to impact the future for many generations to come. Sustainable Agriculture Education Each year over 2,000 people come together for our Farming for the Future Conference, one of the largest and most respected gatherings on this topic anywhere in the U.S. The conference is followed by a full season of Field Days and Intensive Learning Programs delivering practical information on sustainable farming methods. Regional Marketing and Business Support Our staff has helped develop new farmers’ markets, connected restaurants and retailers to local food sources, and assisted farms and other businesses with marketing and business planning. We have recently added Food Alliance certification as another tool available in array of regional marketing services. To learn more about what is happening in PASA’s regional offices in Southeast and Western Pennsylvania, click here. Consumer Outreach Along with several partners, we coordinate Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapters in Pennsylvania, helping consumers find, choose and appreciate seasonal, local foods. The latest addition to this program is a new online social networking community called the Good Food Neighborhood™ which links local people to local food, farms, and to one another. Advocacy for a Safe, Sane, Sustainable & Fair Food System In coalition with other organizations, we monitor legislative activities on statewide and national levels, making recommendations for policies that promote farmland preservation, farmer retention, protection of natural resources, and increased access to healthy food. Community Building Our member potlucks, websites, workshops, listservs, meetings and programs have created a growing network of farmers, entrepreneurs and informed consumers who provide mutual support for our shared vision: Promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment.

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