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Teaching Garden

The TEACHING GARDEN ™ is a place where students, teachers, parents and community members come together to plant a garden, learn about nutrition and the importance of physical fitness, and pass on their knowledge to others. Starting your own garden is fun and surprisingly easy. The TEACHING GARDEN ™ is an opportunity to provide a unique learning experience for children. By taking the initiative to plant a garden one can impact hundreds of children in their community by giving them a simple example of how fuel for our body is created naturally in our environment. By witnessing a garden, children can learn what it means to plant a seed in the soil and gather energy from the sun, and with a little water and nutrients from the soil, create a sustainable example of how to not only feed their bodies but their souls. Connecting our kids to nature by planting a garden seems like a small thing . . . but it’s not. It’s a big thing . . . DO IT NOW!!!

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