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USDA Economic Research Service, Publications

Amber Waves, ERS’s magazine, is a window into the agency’s broad research program, covering production agriculture, food safety and nutrition, the food industry, rural economies, agricultural trade, and farm-related environmental issues. Published five times a year in web and print editions, Amber Waves contains in-depth feature articles, research findings, previews of research in the works, and statistics. Locate Publications by Category Using the features below, you can browse through the thousands of titles produced by ERS since 1996 or you can use them to help you find the exact title you're looking for. You can browse by subject, by title, or by date. The titles displayed in the search include ERS's separately published research reports as well as articles in ERS-produced periodicals. Full text of all the titles are only a click away and are free (usually in PDF Files). Printed copies (and reports published before 1996 while supplies last) can be purchased. See our sales page.

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