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Virginia Association for Biological Farming -- VABF



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The Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF) is the primary organization in the state of Virginia concerned with organic and biological farming and gardening. Our membership includes: Certified organic farmers and market gardeners Practitioners of organic farming / gardening who have chosen not to be certified Sustainable, ecological and low-input producers Biodynamic gardeners and farmers Producers of pastured beef, poultry, eggs, dairy cows or goats, etc. Home gardeners and homesteaders Researchers and other agricultural professionals interested in organic or sustainable agriculture Others who want to support ecological agriculture or sustainable food systems, or who simply want safe, nutritious, fresh, locally-grown food. Mission: Our mission is to provide Virginia’s agricultural community with information on ecologically sound agricultural practices, techniques and systems, and to support and encourage the development of healthy, sustainable farms and communities in Virginia. What is Biological Farming? Biological Farming is any method of farming or gardening that primarily utilizes natural, biological processes and methods for managing crops and livestock. The goal of biological farming is to produce high-quality, healthful food and other farm products by ecologically sound means that protect and enhance water, soil, air, wildlife and other environmental resources, both on and off the farm.

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