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Cambridge Farmer's Market

MAIN STREET FARMERS' MARKET Cambridge Main Street Farmers' Market happens every Thursday, 3-6pm, and every Tuesday, 8am-noon, near the corner of Muir and Academy Streets in downtown Cambridge.

Farmer-Veteran Coalition Heals Vets Down on the Organic Farm

TAKE PART: Farmer-Veteran Coalition Heals Vets Down on the Organic Farm
What if there were a way to help our Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans re-enter society and find a career they loved that also healed the trauma of combat?

Michael O'Gorman, one of the pioneers of the organic food movement and founder of the Farmer-Veteran Coalition, may have done just that—through the rejuvenating power of growing delicious and healthy food.

A father of a young veteran, O'Gorman started the Farmer-Veteran Coalition after he learned that many men and women from rural and farming communities were entering the army. When they came back, they were left with trauma and a lack of employment opportunities.

O’Gorman says, "We thought, not only can we help them find jobs, new ways to farm and rejuvenate the income in rural America, we could also help solve America’s need for more farmers and for food security.”

The idea is working . . .

Grow Berlin Green

Grow Berlin Green (GBG) is a new campaign dedicated to establishing the town of Berlin, Maryland, and surrounding areas as a model community for participatory environmental protection, conservation and smart growth. Managed by a coalition of the Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT), the Lower Shore Land Trust (LSLT) and the Maryland Coastal Bays Program (MCBP), GBG is driven by community education, empowerment and action.

Farmers' Markets – A Resurgence of Community

Farmers' markets are important to the concept of sustainable living in communities for many reasons - here are just a few:

  • energy consumed in transporting food is minimized when we buy locally grown produce, and meats,

  • farmers'markets are a resource for food grown with minimal or no petroleum-based pesticides,

  • we have the opportunity to ask the farmer questions about his or her growing practices,

  • and they provide a forum for interacting with our neighbors.

Look for those farmers who offer local, seasonal, organically or naturally grown products. If the farm market vendors do not advertise this, please ask how and where the products are grown.

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