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Nice Farms Creamery

Robert Miller

Nice Farms Creamery, LLC is located on the 201 acre Miller and Tanner Dairy Farm in American Corner, Maryland. This Creamery is owned and operated by Bob Miller. The dairy farm has been in operation in Caroline County since 1989 when Bob's parents, Robert R. Miller and Chase Tanner relocated their dairy cows from New Jersey. For 20 years, the herd has been pastured on 118 acres.

These cows, Holsteins and Holstein crosses, produce high quality, all natural milk for the Creamery's yogurt and Cream-line milk products produced on site. Browse our website to learn more about the Creamery's Products, Community Supported Agriculture on the Eastern Shore, benefits of milk from pastured cows, and more about one of the few remaining small, family operated dairies left on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Chesapeake Bay Farm

For three generations, the Holland family has been bringing consumers Grade "A" milk - meeting the highest quality and standards in the milk industry. In the last 20 years, large corporate mega dairies have been overwhelming the milk market and as a direct result, the small family dairy farms are almost extinct. Currently, our farm is the last remaining dairy in Worcester county.Danny and Ken Holland have adapted to changing technology on the farm. In the early days of the farm, Marion Lee (father to Ken and Grandfather to Dan) raised his herd on corn. Today, our 250 cow herd is fed by corn raised on our farm but supplemented with grazing from our lush pastures of rye and sorghum, cotton seed and other grains to meet a regimented diet created by a nutritional specialist. Our farm uses cutting edge technology such as embryo transplanting and semen importation to ensure we produce the finest offspring. We also have a technologically advanced system to allow us to milk 16 cows at a time.

Chapel's Country Creamery

Chapel’s Country Creamery Maryland artisanal cheeses are hand crafted by us and an Amish artisanal cheese maker. Chapel cheese starts with fresh raw milk produced on our family's Grade A dairy farm in Maryland. Our dairy herd contains grass fed Jersey and Holstein cows that produce our high quality milk, rich in cream. The milk is all natural and contains no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or chemical compounds. By producing our own cheese from start to finish, we insure the highest quality possible. We are a recipient of the Talbot County Soil Conservation Award for environmentally friendly operation for soil, air, and water quality concerns.

St. Bridgid's Farm

Our farm is named after St. Brigid, the patron saint of dairymaids and scholars who was renowned for her compassion and often featured with cows at her feet. She perfectly represents the pairing of Judy, the dairymaid and Bob, the scholar.

When we established St. Brigid’s Farm in 1996, we started with 69 registered Jersey heifers. Our herd has grown to 160 head consisting of milking cows, replacement heifers, steers and veal calves. Every year we sell surplus dairy cows as well as Jersey beef and veal.

The 55 acre farm, located on the scenic eastern shore of Maryland, is planted in permanent pasture, comprised predominantly of perennial rye grass and clover. The seasonally calved herd intensively grazes from April through November.

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