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Nice Farms Creamery

Robert Miller

Nice Farms Creamery, LLC is located on the 201 acre Miller and Tanner Dairy Farm in American Corner, Maryland. This Creamery is owned and operated by Bob Miller. The dairy farm has been in operation in Caroline County since 1989 when Bob's parents, Robert R. Miller and Chase Tanner relocated their dairy cows from New Jersey. For 20 years, the herd has been pastured on 118 acres.

These cows, Holsteins and Holstein crosses, produce high quality, all natural milk for the Creamery's yogurt and Cream-line milk products produced on site. Browse our website to learn more about the Creamery's Products, Community Supported Agriculture on the Eastern Shore, benefits of milk from pastured cows, and more about one of the few remaining small, family operated dairies left on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Crow Farm

The Crow Farm, a 3rd generation family farm

Crow Farm owners Judy and Roy Crow both grew up on farms and both have a passion for maintaining the agricultural authenticity of the area and Crow Farm. Their motto: "stay original" drives a growing business of selling their natural grass-fed beef to local citizens and quality restaurants in the area.

The newly opened B&B provides a unique visitor experience for the area, the ability to immerse in farm life as it used to be...home-cooked meals, purring barn cats, rustic barns, meandering walking trails through the wide open fields and a friendly angus beef herd. The wide open vistas of fields epitomize the lush heartland of historic Kent County, Maryland.

Cedar Run Cattle Company

At Cedar Run Cattle Company we raise our own beef cattle and sell USDA inspected, naturally fed, dry aged beef to retail customers, neighbors and friends. Our family eats the same meat we sell to consumers everyday. Our beef is raised in fresh air, on native pasture, with salt, mineral and fresh water. Our product is also finished on pasture (grass fed) to give it that flavor we have come to enjoy. We do not use growth hormones, growth stimulants, artificial or antibiotic feed additives.

St. Bridgid's Farm

Our farm is named after St. Brigid, the patron saint of dairymaids and scholars who was renowned for her compassion and often featured with cows at her feet. She perfectly represents the pairing of Judy, the dairymaid and Bob, the scholar.

When we established St. Brigid’s Farm in 1996, we started with 69 registered Jersey heifers. Our herd has grown to 160 head consisting of milking cows, replacement heifers, steers and veal calves. Every year we sell surplus dairy cows as well as Jersey beef and veal.

The 55 acre farm, located on the scenic eastern shore of Maryland, is planted in permanent pasture, comprised predominantly of perennial rye grass and clover. The seasonally calved herd intensively grazes from April through November.

Sassafras River Beef

Sassafras River Beef (SRB) is owned and operated by Brick House Farm Cecilton, Maryland. Brick House Farm is a 700 acre grain and livestock farm in Cecil County on Maryland’s upper Eastern Shore. The farm produces corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, straw and Angus cattle.

Farm families have been enjoying the goodness of “home grown” food items for generations. Beef, pork, poultry, fruits and vegetables are some of the wholesome farm raised products enjoyed by folks in the country. Recently the availability of “locally grown” food to a larger section of the population has become a reality. SRB has developed a simple process for all our customers to enjoy the taste of locally raised beef!

Colchester Farm

Mission Statement

CFCSA is a community-based organization that grows pesticide-free vegetables, provides wholesome food, and offers education on sustainable agriculture to its members and surrounding communities. It strives to be an alternative model of farming, dedicated to maintaining the agricultural heritage of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


CFCSA will lead and inspire a broad movement of people who eat and live in close relationship with their communities and the land. CFCSA will be economically and environmentally self-sustaining and will be recognized as an alternative model of sustainable agriculture by the people of the Eastern Shore.

Andy's Burger Night (Revisited)

Event Date: 
01/30/2011 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

It's A Burger Tasting !!

If you thought the arrival of cold weather meant you'd have to wait a few months for great local food events, think again.

We're pairing beef from four local producers with vegetables from Colchester & Homestead Farms and bread from Against the Grain . Dessert includes local apples & cheese.
The cider is courtesy of Lockbriar Farm and beer will be available from 16 Mile Brewery.

We' ll be cooking sliders on the grill - just a few ounces each,
so you can sample 'em all- or at least two or three !
The farmers will be on hand to talk about their farms and products. We'll even have a group of local musicians playing open - mic style throughout the event.

Burgers provided by

Cedar Run Farm Beef
St Brigid's Farm Beef
Sassafras River Beef
Crow Farm Beef

Vegetables by Colchester and Homestead Farms

Bread from Against the Grain

Cider from Lockbriar Farm and beer from 16 Mile Brewery

Sunday January 30th
1 to 4pm

Unity Nursery Headquarters
rt 213 outside of Church Hill, Md

Tickets $10; $12 at the door (children under 15 free)

Gloria's Garden

We sell brown eggs most of all. Then all kinds of flowers. We make flower pots, and have cut flowers. And produce. We sell at local farmers market and at our house.

Winter Harvest Organic Farm

Pat & Connie Dolbey

Come visit a pastoral farm minutes outside of Salisbury, offering a wide selection of organic and naturally grown flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Fool's Grove Homestead

Liz La Posta

Fool's Grove Homestead is a family project, not quite a farm, but more than a garden, located on 1.7 acres in rural Delmar, Maryland. We are slowly converting our yard into a garden and orchard of dwarf fruit trees, blackberries, blue berries, raspberries and grapes. We also have our own flock of chickens for egg production. We use chicken manure, traditional composting, and worm composting to fertilize our garden and orchard. We will not use any herbicides, or pesticides on our garden. Our chickens live in a home made coop with enclosed run due to dog attacks, but they do some pasture when we are home to keep an eye on them. They are cage free, and anti-biotic free.

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