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naturally grown - certified

Calliope Organic Farm

Lisa Garfield & Patrick Buckingham

Calliope Farm is a small-scale family operated farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with 2-3 acres of organically grown fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. We primarily grow open pollinated, heirloom, and regional varieties as well as some well-adapted ethnic and exotic varieties, all chosen for qualities of flavor and nutrition, as well as for the ability to save to our own seed. Our approach to farming is based on the desire to sustain the land that sustains us. We do this by caring for and improving the soil with the use of cover crops, mineral amendments and compost. We are also home to a small flock of laying hens, two horses, 4 barn-cats, and will soon be joined by two Nubian dairy goats.
We believe passionately in the original ideals and philosophies of organic farming, and so are NOT certified organic by the USDA, but have chosen to be Certified Naturally Grown, a grassroots alternative that is truer to the needs of small, diversified, direct-market farms. such as our own.

Matthew Santich Farm

Matthew Santich
grows Vegetables, herbs, Berries

Sharon's Natural Gardens

Sharon Carson
I have some foods available in the winter: Jerusalem Artichokes, some frozen things, some dried things, and whole black walnuts. We also sell seeds and plants grown in our gardens. We also hold classes in organic/biodynamic gardening, basket weaving and other homestead skills.

Blueberry Lane Berry Farm

David Size

Vegetables and Berries
Alternative Phone #: 302 238-7067

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