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Interactive Cooking Class at Crow Farm

Event Date: 
03/12/2011 - 11:00am - 1:00pm

Interactive Brunch Cooking Class with Robbie Jester, 11 am to 1 pm. Featuring Crow Farm and local products. Includes demonstration/preparation of a full course brunch and served with refreshments. Cost: $35.00 per person or $60.00 a couple. For more info or to register visit

Arlington's Natural Meats

Candy Anderson

Welcome to Arlington's Natural Meats where we sell Angus beef and Duroc pork raised on our farm directly to you. We are committed to humanely raising animals. Everything we sell is born and raised on our farm, so you can rest assured that our meats are hormone, antibiotic, and animal by-product free.

You can find us at local farmers' markets and at "special delivery" sites throughout the DelMarVa region. Our convenient on-line pre-ordering makes pick-up easy on market day. Or, for those with large freezers or large groups of like-minded friends, you may want to consider "cowpooling". A whole beef can divided for up to six families, all separately boxed, and delivered to a location of your choosing anywhere within 100 miles of our farm.

Whether you try one of our family or variety packages or buy a few hamburgers to grill this weekend, we're certain you will agree that being part of the local food movement by "eating where you live" is delicious.

Greenbranch Farm

Ted Wycall

We are a small, family owned farm currently specializing in a wide variety of vegetables and berries. We also raise grass-fed/ grass-finished beef cattle, pastured pigs, pastured poultry,and eggs from pastured, free ranging chickens. Added hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have absolutely no place in our farming practices.

Crow Farm

The Crow Farm, a 3rd generation family farm

Crow Farm owners Judy and Roy Crow both grew up on farms and both have a passion for maintaining the agricultural authenticity of the area and Crow Farm. Their motto: "stay original" drives a growing business of selling their natural grass-fed beef to local citizens and quality restaurants in the area.

The newly opened B&B provides a unique visitor experience for the area, the ability to immerse in farm life as it used to be...home-cooked meals, purring barn cats, rustic barns, meandering walking trails through the wide open fields and a friendly angus beef herd. The wide open vistas of fields epitomize the lush heartland of historic Kent County, Maryland.

Cedar Run Cattle Company

At Cedar Run Cattle Company we raise our own beef cattle and sell USDA inspected, naturally fed, dry aged beef to retail customers, neighbors and friends. Our family eats the same meat we sell to consumers everyday. Our beef is raised in fresh air, on native pasture, with salt, mineral and fresh water. Our product is also finished on pasture (grass fed) to give it that flavor we have come to enjoy. We do not use growth hormones, growth stimulants, artificial or antibiotic feed additives.

Sassafras River Beef

Sassafras River Beef (SRB) is owned and operated by Brick House Farm Cecilton, Maryland. Brick House Farm is a 700 acre grain and livestock farm in Cecil County on Maryland’s upper Eastern Shore. The farm produces corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, straw and Angus cattle.

Farm families have been enjoying the goodness of “home grown” food items for generations. Beef, pork, poultry, fruits and vegetables are some of the wholesome farm raised products enjoyed by folks in the country. Recently the availability of “locally grown” food to a larger section of the population has become a reality. SRB has developed a simple process for all our customers to enjoy the taste of locally raised beef!

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