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For the past week plus when I view anything on all text is grey with a black background. It is quite hard to read. Using internet explorer. Thanks!

This seems to be another instance of Internet Explorer not complying with Web standards - please use FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Sometimes i have problems logging in to ShoreFood.Org

This condition might occur if you didn't log-out the last time you left the site, or it could be another "general browser error."

Try Refreshing the web-page [hold down the Ctrl Key, and then press R Key (or F5)]

If this doesn't do the trick

Clear Your Cache [see WIKIHOW for instructions]

Also (and this is useful to know regarding ANY website) try a different browser - see more below.

If you can't even see (or find) the log-in screen on the home page, or if the log-in button doesn't seem to work, type "/user" (no quotes) after the normal URL for >>>

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, and even 8 is 'not compliant' with INTERNET standards. Please use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome instead. These browsers are "standards-based", unlike Internet Explorer!

If all fails, contact us here >>>>

What are those words floating on the right side of the home page?

They are tags and that is a 'cloud' of tags. Click on one and see what comes up.

What are tags?

A tag is a term, keyword or label considered to be strongly related and semantically associated with a piece of content or information.
Tags help all users organize and find favorite items and information on this site. Typing any Tag(s) in the Search mechanism will display all content items that have been 'tagged' with those terms.

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