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Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Founded in 1992, PASA's consistent and driving vision has been to transform agriculture and food systems in Pennsylvania and beyond in a way that makes our farmers more viable, improves the land and restores the health and wellbeing of all our citizens. We are nonprofit in structure, but entrepreneurial in spirit, as we use our resources carefully to work collaboratively with others in achieving measurable results where we can, without compromising our values. For us, success is defined as the dual process of achieving our mission now while also building capacity to impact the future for many generations to come.

Polyface Farms

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms, Inc.
Welcome to Polyface, Inc. Polyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. In 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area near Staunton. Using nature as a pattern, they and their children began the healing and innovation that now supports three generations.

Virginia Association for Biological Farming -- VABF

The Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF) is the primary organization in the state of Virginia concerned with organic and biological farming and gardening. Our membership includes: Certified organic farmers and market gardeners Practitioners of organic farming / gardening who have chosen not to be certified Sustainable, ecological and low-input producers Biodynamic gardeners and farmers Producers of pastured beef, poultry, eggs, dairy cows or goats, etc. Home gardeners and homesteaders Researchers and other agricultural professionals interested in organic or sustainable agriculture Others who want to support ecological agriculture or sustainable food systems, or who simply want safe, nutritious, fresh, locally-grown food.

Delaware Organic Food and Farming Association -- DOFFA

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture In Delaware DOFFA is dedicated to providing education and awareness of sustainable agriculture production to growers, consumers and retailers. This includes the promotion of ecologically responsible farming practices and marketing opportunities for farmers and growers, regardless of size, who are interested in the production of organically produced agricultural products.

Sustainable Farming Twilight Meeting

Aaron Cooper

Come join us to see how USDA-ARS on-farm research is using cover crops, poultry litter, and tillage practices in more economically and environmentally sustainable systems. Learn how you can capitalize on the growing interest in local, sustainable, and organic markets.

Maryland FarmLINK

In addition to providing resources for buying and selling farmland, FarmLINK also gives you tools to mentor new or transitioning farmers, or to find a mentor in a field of your choice. Creating a custom profile (optional) makes it easier to connect with other FarmLINK users. You can always come back later and add to or change your profile. Joining FarmLINK is easy!

Lower Shore Land Trust

In the first 13 years, the Lower Shore Land Trust has assisted landowners in preserving over 10,500 acres of land on the Lower Shore.

The Lower Shore Land Trust is a private, non-profit, charitable organization formed in 1990. The Lower Shore Land Trust (LSLT) works with individual landowners who wish to protect the natural heritage of their property, so that the character of the land and the quality of life it nourishes will remain intact for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come.

We assist landowners in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties who wish to protect, in perpetuity, habitat necessary to sustain a diverse and healthy wildlife population, natural buffers that maintain water quality, and preserve scenic vistas and landscapes surrounding sites of historical and cultural importance. We wish to ensure that sufficient lands remain to support forestry and agriculture as viable industries on the Lower Eastern Shore.   CONTACT:   Lower Shore Land Trust

Small Farms Bus Tour - Virginia's Entrepreneurial Farms

Event Date: 
06/28/2010 - 7:30am - 06/29/2010 - 7:00pm

The Bus Tour is sponsored by the USDA Risk Management Agency through UMES' Small Farm Outreach Initiative. For more information, contact Berran Rogers, Small Farm Program Coordinator at 410-651-6693 or 410-651-6206.
The $25 fee is due by June 18th.

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