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St. Bridgid's Farm

Our farm is named after St. Brigid, the patron saint of dairymaids and scholars who was renowned for her compassion and often featured with cows at her feet. She perfectly represents the pairing of Judy, the dairymaid and Bob, the scholar.

When we established St. Brigid’s Farm in 1996, we started with 69 registered Jersey heifers. Our herd has grown to 160 head consisting of milking cows, replacement heifers, steers and veal calves. Every year we sell surplus dairy cows as well as Jersey beef and veal.

The 55 acre farm, located on the scenic eastern shore of Maryland, is planted in permanent pasture, comprised predominantly of perennial rye grass and clover. The seasonally calved herd intensively grazes from April through November.

A Sign From Above

Kim Collier

Organically cared for fruits (apples, cherries, asian pears) & vegetables. Homemade goodies like salsa, cookies and quick breads. Eggs from Free-roaming chickens. Handmade fresh evergreen centerpieces for the holiday season and seasonal jams.

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