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Blueberry Lane Berry Farm

David Size

Vegetables and Berries
Alternative Phone #: 302 238-7067

Crow Farm

The Crow Farm, a 3rd generation family farm

Crow Farm owners Judy and Roy Crow both grew up on farms and both have a passion for maintaining the agricultural authenticity of the area and Crow Farm. Their motto: "stay original" drives a growing business of selling their natural grass-fed beef to local citizens and quality restaurants in the area.

The newly opened B&B provides a unique visitor experience for the area, the ability to immerse in farm life as it used to be...home-cooked meals, purring barn cats, rustic barns, meandering walking trails through the wide open fields and a friendly angus beef herd. The wide open vistas of fields epitomize the lush heartland of historic Kent County, Maryland.

Chesapeake Bay Farm

For three generations, the Holland family has been bringing consumers Grade "A" milk - meeting the highest quality and standards in the milk industry. In the last 20 years, large corporate mega dairies have been overwhelming the milk market and as a direct result, the small family dairy farms are almost extinct. Currently, our farm is the last remaining dairy in Worcester county.Danny and Ken Holland have adapted to changing technology on the farm. In the early days of the farm, Marion Lee (father to Ken and Grandfather to Dan) raised his herd on corn. Today, our 250 cow herd is fed by corn raised on our farm but supplemented with grazing from our lush pastures of rye and sorghum, cotton seed and other grains to meet a regimented diet created by a nutritional specialist. Our farm uses cutting edge technology such as embryo transplanting and semen importation to ensure we produce the finest offspring. We also have a technologically advanced system to allow us to milk 16 cows at a time.

Sharon's Natural Gardens

Sharon Carson
I have some foods available in the winter: Jerusalem Artichokes, some frozen things, some dried things, and whole black walnuts. We also sell seeds and plants grown in our gardens. We also hold classes in organic/biodynamic gardening, basket weaving and other homestead skills.

The Good Farm

Organic growing is everything to me.

I started my journey with organic growing four years ago. It is a full-time passion, hobby, exercise, lifestyle, mindset; and part time job. My produce has been purchased by restaurants, a health food store, traded to restaurants, used as landscape and interior decoration, bartered to a commercial fisherman for seafood, given to friends, and it feeds my ducks and chickens on occasion.

Community Organics

We're glad you found us!
Community Organics offers folks in lower Delaware delicious and healthy produce, herbs, and eggs. We grow everything according to the high standards of Certified Naturally Grown. Please look around our site and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Community Organics is a small farm located near Greenwood, Delaware. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, most of which are heirloom and open-pollinated varieties. We are committed to organic principles and are Certified Naturally Grown, a national program in which member farmers hold each other accountable for the integrity of their growing practices. Our soil quality is a key focus for us. We have paid attention not only to fertility needs, but also to trace elements and minerals. Community Organics' basic operating principle is that human health is dependent on the balance and health of the soil that our food comes from. We are happy to share the specifics of our growing practices, so let us know if you have any questions.

Matthew Santich Farm

Matthew Santich
grows Vegetables, herbs, Berries

Priapi Gardens

Vic Priapi

We have 2.6 acres of produce certified as organic. We are offering spinach, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, kale, radishes, mixed baby greens, gourmet potatoes, raspberries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, turnips, carrots, onions, leeks, fresh herbs, and much more.

Deep Grass Organic

Our gardens are the foundation for our business. We began over 25 years ago, modestly in our then large backyard, attempting to produce vigorous quality plants in our small greenhouse to place into our garden and enjoy. These plants provided us with nutritious food for our growing family and riots of beautiful color for our eyes. Shortly thereafter, we discovered organic gardening and came to embrace it as a philosophy and implement the systems into our planting space. From those humble beginnings, we experimented with cultural practices geared toward ecological balance.

We were surprised when friends and neighbors began to seek our plants. This began our journey which continues to this day.

Baron's Naturally Grown Produce

Baron Rogers

Alternative Phone #: 757-660-5592

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