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Fool's Grove Homestead

Liz La Posta

Fool's Grove Homestead is a family project, not quite a farm, but more than a garden, located on 1.7 acres in rural Delmar, Maryland. We are slowly converting our yard into a garden and orchard of dwarf fruit trees, blackberries, blue berries, raspberries and grapes. We also have our own flock of chickens for egg production. We use chicken manure, traditional composting, and worm composting to fertilize our garden and orchard. We will not use any herbicides, or pesticides on our garden. Our chickens live in a home made coop with enclosed run due to dog attacks, but they do some pasture when we are home to keep an eye on them. They are cage free, and anti-biotic free.

First State Creamery

Tim & Denise Beaver

Goat cheeses made from their herd of goats on their country farm. Aged, raw milk hard cheeses will be offered in a variety of flavors as well as pasteurized soft cheeses.

Winter Harvest Organic Farm

Pat & Connie Dolbey

Come visit a pastoral farm minutes outside of Salisbury, offering a wide selection of organic and naturally grown flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Hattie's Garden

Hattie Allen

Hattie's Garden is a small market-garden in Lewes DE.I grow vegetables, herbs and specialty cut flowers on half an acre in Lewes, DE. During the summer I can be found at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM) in downtown Lewes, Saturday mornings from 8 to 12.

A Sign From Above

Kim Collier

Organically cared for fruits (apples, cherries, asian pears) & vegetables. Homemade goodies like salsa, cookies and quick breads. Eggs from Free-roaming chickens. Handmade fresh evergreen centerpieces for the holiday season and seasonal jams.

Twin Post Farm

Eileen & Ned Dykes

We are Twin Post Farm located in Princess Anne Maryland. After 30 plus years raising commercial broilers, we decided to embark on our own new and exciting business. In February 2010 we closed our commercial operation and converted our houses to raise free range laying hens and ducks. We purchased 1500 "brown sex-link" layers and 400 laying ducks. The doors of our houses are open to allow the chicken’s and ducks access to lush pasture and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. In combination with the best natural feed and our tender loving care, our chickens and ducks produce the most delicious eggs. At the present we sell our eggs at the following farmers markets: Columbia Heights, Historic Lewis and Asbury market in Salisbury Maryland. We are reaching maximum egg production and would like to supply your business with our excellent free range fresh eggs.

Thank you and we hope too see you soon,

Gloria's Garden

We sell brown eggs most of all. Then all kinds of flowers. We make flower pots, and have cut flowers. And produce. We sell at local farmers market and at our house.

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