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State of the Delmarva Peninsula's Foodshed

Each state represented by counties on the Peninsula has a unique situation: Delaware’s two and a half counties on the Peninsula represent almost 80% of the state’s land and are home to less than half the state’s population. Kent and Sussex counties in Delaware are home to 86% of the state’s farms* (*currently available information does not provide separate data for the lower portion of New Castle County, the portion on the Peninsula.) Sussex county alone accounts for close to 80% of Delaware’s agricultural value and between 60 and 80% of the value of all of Delaware’s other agricultural sales for human consumption. Virginia has only 2 of its 44 counties on the Peninsula but those two counties have the largest average farm size and lost a higher percentage of their farms between 2002 and 2007 than any other Peninsula county. Together Virginia’s 2 Peninsula counties account for 13% of the state’s value of crops, and more than 45% of those two counties’ market value of agricultural products sold comes from crops rather than livestock. Over 14% of the value of Virginia’s Aquaculture, and more than 22% of its agricultural value from vegetables, melons, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are sold by farms in the Peninsula’s Accomack and Northampton Counties.

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