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An enduring food shed is far from a static thing, nor can it be built by prescription; working together is what will allow us to fulfill our mission. LESSON recognizes that cooperation and shared values come from understanding and trust, and a deep respect for our land, our work, and all those who live, work, and play on the Peninsula. We believe in openness, and sharing information; we believe in empowerment and listening to all voices; we believe that finding common ground happens when everyone comes to the table, and that our job is to 'expand the pie' rather than divide it up. Here you will find information about what LESSON is working toward; we invite you to join us.


Program -- Medora Harvest Fund

    LESSON honors the memory of Medora Cockey with the Medora Harvest Fund to remind us all that social responsibility is a key component of sustainable agricultures. Medora Cockey was a young woman whose life was tragically cut short by a sudden illness, just after she finished college. She spent her summers working on organic farms.

Medora had a passionate faith in the ideals of organic and sustainable farming: safe food, the use of renewable resources, respect for the environment, and involvement in the growing process.

The fund honors Medora's commitment to sustainable agriculture by providing healthy food to our neighbors in need. Each year LESSON reaches out to social service agencies and community members to identify individuals and families who would benefit from fresh, locally grown, sustainably produced foods but without the financial means to purchase it.
The Medora Harvest Fund purchases CSA shares for those individuals and families, most of whom are suffering financially in part due to illness and health care costs. The Fund assures that the bounty of the farm is accessible to all community members. It was established by CSA members and the family of Medora Cockey, after her untimely death in January 2004.
Over the past six years, the Medora Harvest Fund has purchased 60 CSA shares in Medora's name -- social justice and social equity promoting economic viability for our farmers, environmental stewardship on our farms, and healthy living for all. All contributions to the Medora Harvest Fund are tax-deductible.

Program -- Community Supported (Shared) Agriculture

    Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA (called Community Shared Agriculture by Canadians) is a cooperative relationship between farmers and those who eat their food in which 'eaters' prepay for a share of the farmer's harvest that is subsequently delivered regularly throughout the growing season.

Program -- Growing Delmarva Farmers

    At least half of a sustainable foodshed is talented and well-educated farmers dedicated to ecological stewardship and growing healthy, nutritious food. LESSON is reaching out to young people through sustainable community gardening projects, developing internships on Delmarva farms to provide needed farming experience, and supporting continuing education on sustainable practices for Delmarva farmers.

Program -- The Delmarva Sustainable Foodshed

    Building the Delmarva Peninsula's Sustainable Foodshed is the fulfillment of our mission -- to build a safe, just, sustainable regional food system on the Peninsula. All of LESSON's projects and other programs support the mission and have a unique role to play in the building of a sustainable foodshed on the Peninsula; this program is about sharing what we know and what we are learning about Delmarva's foodshed. See below for LESSON's current 'State of the Foodshed' Report.

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